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  1. Mary DuPrie - Photographing Models DVD


    Here is a list of topics that this video covers:

    1. Mary's background & set system.​
    2. Easy background set up.
    3. Mary's "V set" and how to put the model on a wall not just suspended in the middle of the studio floor.
    4. Hands, arms, body posing.
    5. The angle of the face and where the model should look.
    6. Mouth expressions and making the eyes really work.
    7. Using gravity in poses, understanding the physics of natural posing.
    8. Three points or planes of the posing body: Head, chest, pelvis.
    9. The different posing styles: Catalog posing, casual posing, the do's and don'ts.
    10. Composing the shot through poses with style.
    11. Approach and methods of agency style composition.
    12. Freestyle modeling and full length shooting.​

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