ImagineFX Magazine issue 72 – August 2011

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    Delighting in all critters great and small, this issue of ImagineFX is infested with fantasy creatures dreamt up by some of the most creative artists out there. The cover is by film concept artists Bobby Chiu, and comes accompanied with an in depth tutorial inside. Then there’s our interview with the amazing Terryl Whitlatch – she who master-minded the creatures in the prequel Star Wars films.

    If you prefer a tentacle to a tail, check out Fabio Barboni’s artist insight into his classic Japanese image. There’s also a demonic steed and headless rider to investigate in Matt Stawicki’s tutorial, and film artist Justin Gerrard takes us through some of his darker creature creations in this month’s artist portfolio.

    We also speak to the mighty Massive Black studio about their story so far, then guide you through your first steps in 3D art with UK modeller Glen Southern, and see how 17-year-old Anna Dittmann created her ethereal character in Photoshop.

    Plus there’s more! Our free DVD is chock full of free software trials and over 11 hours of video advice, plus there’s oodles of advice to gleem from our ever popular Q&A section… Just dont let the litte critters out of your sight.



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