3Dcreative Issue 71 – July 2011

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    This week the 3DTotal team (well the boys anyway) went to watch the latest Transformers movie in 3D (if you like the other two you will like this one, that is the quickest movie review in history). Once again we were wowed by the epic scenes and jaw dropping robot animation and are well prepared for the influx of robot models which will no doubt be submitted to the 3DTotal galleries shortly. If you have aspirations to work in this sort of field you need look no further for your training than 3DCreative magazine.

    We will kick off this month by looking at our interview. A few of the guys in the 3DTotal office have been telling me for a while now how amazing the environments are in the recent XBox game Crysis 2. I thought I would look into this a little and stumbled across an outstanding environment artist by the name of Simon Fuchs. Simon is a great guy to interview and has given us amazing insider information as to the approach he uses to create environments like the outstanding ones you will see with this interview. I know that you are going to love this one.

    Next we will move on to this month’s making of because it seems that Bruno Hamzagic and I share a similar passion, football. I can tell that Ronaldo had the same impact on Bruno as he did on me, back in the days when he had that silly haircut and found it almost impossible to not score goals. Recently Ronaldo retired from professional football and as a tribute to him Bruno created this very cool and funny caricature and in this issue he shows us how he made it.

    This month’s cover image is the outstanding work of Rafael Ghencev who in this issue wraps up our classic sculpture se.ries by showing us how he textured his outstanding Roman bust. Next month we step onto new ground for 3Dcreative and start a new se.ries on Vue with Alex Popescu.

    Last month we finished our Unreal Games Engine tutorial, so this month we can proudly introduce our new se.ries about designing and modelling Cartoon Animals. In this se.ries our artists will be showing us how to create cool and unique cartoon characters kicking things off with Marcos Nicacio who shows us how to create a cartoon Mosquito.

    Tamara Bakhlycheva continues her fantastic se.ries about creating low poly characters by showing us how to unwrap and texture your model. In the next issue she will be showing us how to complete our model and how to present it to the CG community.

    Our modelling features tutorial se.ries has been great so far and this latest instalment could prove to be a real handful. The usual crew are back again with Lino Masciulli in Cinema 4D, Jose Lazaro in 3ds Max, Gavin Goulden in Maya and Anto Juricicin Modo.

    Wow! There is a lot of great content in this issue including our stunning gallery featuring work by Peter Zoppi, Titouan OLIVE,Victor Hugo and many more amazing artists.



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